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Andermatt Swiss Alps

An Interview with: Aline Danioth, Junior Professional Skier

Junior professional skier and resident of Andermatt Swiss Alps Aline Danioth, kindly took the time to talk to us about skiing in Andermatt, her favourite ski runs and how she spends the summer months when there’s no snow.

1. How long have you lived in Andermatt?

I have lived in Andermatt my entire life, as have my parents.

2. What do you like most about living in Andermatt?

That is a tough question, for me it has to be how much snowfall there is during the winter as its perfect for skiing. It’s a great landscape with the mountain and scenery.

Aline Danioth, Andermatt Swiss Alps Aline Danioth, Andermatt Swiss Alps
3. When did you first learn to ski?

I first learnt to ski when I was just 2 ½ years old and I have been skiing ever since.

4. What made you decide to take up skiing as more than a hobby?

It’s a very beautiful sport, I think starting so young meant it became part of me, it means everything to me and I think it is that emotion that has made me want to pursue it as a career rather than just a hobby.

5. When did you win your first ski trophy?

I won my first skiing trophy at school, I was 6 years old.

6. Who is your favourite champion skier?

It is difficult to choose just one. I have two favourite champion skiers –  Lara Gut and Lindsey Vonn.

Lara Gut, Andermatt Swiss Alps
7. What are your other hobbies in the area?

Outside of skiing my hobbies are mountain biking and walking the mountains, growing up in Andermatt being outdoors is a way of life.

8. Do you have a favourite ski run in Andermatt?

It is hard to chose one particular run as I like all the runs in Andermatt. If I had to I would say my favourites are the Bernhard Russi run and Lutersee.

9. Tell us about your weekly training regime? How many hours do you spend on the slopes?

During the winter I spend an average of 20 hours a week on the slopes. In the Summer I train to ensure my fitness level is maintained, usually 15 hours a week. From August on, I begin with the Ski training on the glaciers ready for winter.

Skiing in Andermatt Swiss Alps Ski at Andermatt Swiss Alps
10. Is it your ambition to become a professional skier?

Yes absolutely and I am prepared to do everything I can to achieve this goal.

11. Your uncle, Sandro Danioth, is very involved in the Andermatt Swiss Alps project. Are you excited about the development of the town?

Yes I’m very excited about the new town, hotels and the golf. But of course I’m most looking forward to extended ski slopes.

12. You mentioned the extended ski slopes. Are you excited?

Yes, I’m very excited about the Andermatt, Sedrun expansion. From my perspective it will greatly improve my training opportunities. For visitors and other residents of Andermatt it will be hugely beneficial.

13. What do you and your friends do in the summer, when skiing is not a possibility?

In the summer months we spend a lot of time in the mountains, climbing, mountain-biking and walking, it is important for me to maintain my fitness. My friends are very committed to helping me achieve my goal, we often do endurance training to build strength and coordination. Andermatt has such a wealth of different activities, from August we head to the Glacier to start ski training, it’s a lot of fun.

Andermatt Swiss Alps, by Emily Lewis Andermatt Swiss Alps

5 Kommentare

  1. Anna

    Really enjoyed reading Alaine’s interview – it is great to know that there is a glacier for year round skiing, how many runs are there on the glacier and is it open to everyone?

    • Andermatt Swiss Alps

      Hi Anna,

      Thank you for your comment. There are two runs on the glacier and yes open to everyone, although only open during the winter season.

  2. christian schnoz

    San Gottardo mit vier Regionen, Leventina/Goms/Ursental/Surselva. Eine Destination mit Zukunft

    • Andermatt Swiss Alps

      Hallo Christian,
      es stimmt genau, was du sagst: die vier Regionen des San Gottardo sind eine Destination mit Zukunft. Andermatt Swiss Alps wird das Seine dazu beitragen.

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