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Andermatt Swiss Alps

Swiss Design: Taking Time to Achieve Perfection

Known for its spectacular scenery and pristine cities, a meticulous transportation network and the production of high-end luxury items, Switzerland is a country dedicated to achieving perfection.

Traditional craftsmanship and knowledge, has marked Switzerland out as global leaders when it comes to watchmaking and has also resulted in the country being one of the key producers of some the finest cheese and chocolate in the world. And the focus on quality, reliability and precision doesn’t end there.

Swiss Chocolate Package, photo by dboy Swiss Cheese Fondue photo by hirotomo
Attention to detail

The development of Andermatt Swiss Alps is a prime example of how traditional values and the key principles of Swiss craftsmanship can influence concept, design and construction. Chairman of Orascom, Samih Sawiris describes the development of Andermatt Swiss Alps to be, “Progressing beautifully, just like a Swiss watch: very slow, but very sure and accurate.” With a focus on perfection and accuracy and a passion for luxury and style, Andermatt Swiss Alps will represent Switzerland’s distinctive craftsmanship.

Andermatt Sign, by Emily Lewis
A closer look at Swiss design

The principles of true Swiss Craftsmanship are what have earned Swiss watches their reputation of reliability, quality and precision. Prestige Swiss watchmakers Patek Phillipe, believe their reputation comes from not only “the resources of knowledge but also from the consistency of applying a philosophy of excellence, since 1839.” TAG Heuer also believe their key principles are what position them as “world leaders of luxury sports watches.”

Inside a Swiss Watch photo by GuySie Swiss Army Knife, in palm. photo by Instant Vantage
The Swiss Army Knife is the perfect example of what makes Swiss craftsmanship so successful. Victorinox created the first Officer’s Knife in 1897, and today, generations later the world famous original functions remain, at the same time as meeting the demands of the modern world. Although there are a variety of knives available today, the common element between them all is their reliability and focus on the finer details.

As the development of Andermatt Swiss Alps continues to take shape, the principles of Swiss traditions passed down through the ages, will remain at the heart of this sustainable project, for generations to come.

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