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Andermatt Swiss Alps

Video: The Making of Andermatt

During this film, we find out what brought Orascom Development Holdings to this charming Swiss village and where their vision originated from. The architectural plans for the project are shared by Head of Destination Planning Ihab Morgan, Renato Marazzi from Marazzi & Paul Architects, and Amr Soliman of Soliman & Zurkirchan Architects who talk us through their design plans. Through the use of CGIs and visuals, visitors can envision the type of architecture that will feature at Andermatt Swiss Alps through its range of 30 international architects.

In addition, Olympic Ski Champion and Andermatt local Bernhard Russi and Swiss Ski Professional Lara Gut discuss their involvement and excitement surrounding the project.

Andermatt Swiss Alps

11 Kommentare

  1. It looks like a stunning project – love the idea that it blends, compliments and fits so well with the existing village.

  2. Philippa Denlegh-Maxwell

    It looks absolutely beautiful – the architecture is fabulous and I agree that it compliments the existing village perfectly. Its really lovely to hear where the visions for this project developed from, don’t you agree?

  3. Talitha Smith

    Really Impressive; progressive thinking while preserving the existing culture. I wish more projects were designed with this line of thinking. Great astons in the video too!

    • Andermatt Swiss Alps

      Thank you very much! We hope you continue to enjoy the site

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