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Andermatt Swiss Alps

The First Skier of the Season

Saturday 10th November was a momentous day here in Andermatt, as the first skiers hit the famous Gemsstock slopes and marked the beginning of the winter 2012/13 season.

With recent heavy  snowfall, anticipation for the season has been rife. Thankfully, skiers and snowboarders alike were put out of their misery this weekend as the first ski slopes in the region opened.

Unable to resist the excitement, we joined the ski clubs and local enthusiasts in celebrating the first run of the season, even managing to take a snapshot of the first skier to brave the Gemsstock.

The above photograph shows father Rony Bruhin and his son Indy, who couldn’t wait to be two of the first to ski the pristine terrain. Arriving at 8.30am, Rony and his son, in addition to their ski club, set to the slopes early to make the most of the exciting day ahead.

Feeling a little jealous? You can keep up-to-date with how the slopes are looking by clicking here.

More information on the Andermatt – Sedrun ski area can be found at

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