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Andermatt Swiss Alps

November 2012 Town Meeting

Less than 24 hours ago Andermatt Swiss Alps held their regular town meeting, in attendance was the management team behind the development, including Executive Chairman Samih Sawiris, the Mayor of Andermatt Roger Nager and Heidi Z’graggen, Government Representative of the Canton Uri. The meeting was very well attended with in excess of 300 residents present, in addition to several journalists and media crews.

Topics of discussion during the evening ranged from The Chedi Andermatt to an update on the Podium construction. Not to mention updating the residents on the progression of the golf course and the pioneering ski expansion with Sedrun, Bo Halvardsson COO of Andermatt-Sedrun Sport AG shared a brief history of SkiStar who will be partnering to champion the new Ski-Arena.

Andermatt Swiss Alps’ Managing Director Robert Fellermeier chaired the meeting, sharing the good news that there has been an increase in the number of reservations and that interest continues to grow.

To learn more about the Andermatt and Sedrun ski expansion check out our post here.

Alternatively to learn more about the Andermatt Swiss Alps development and the team behind the project watch our specially comisionad film below.

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