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Andermatt Swiss Alps

Unveiling of the First Chalet

Monday 26th November was a momentous day here in Andermatt Swiss Alps as the first luxury chalet was unveiled. Chalet owner Gorgio Behr accompanied by Andermatt Swiss Alps Executive Chairman Samih Sawiris, Andermatt Swiss Alps Managing Director Robert Fellermeier and Architect Stephan Mezger gathered to mark this significant day in Andermatt Swiss Alps’ development history.

The noteworthy day involved a welcome address from Robert Fellermeier, followed by official speeches by Stephan Mezger and Samih Sawiris, which were complimented further by a closing address by chalet owner Giorgio Behr.

In keeping with the bespoke nature of each chalet, the first chalet will house a cinema and wellness-room within the basement.  Due for completion Autumn 2013 Giorgio Behr has less than a year to wait until he is able to realise his wish of owning a chalet in the Swiss Alps. In Samih Sawiris’s closing address he thanked Giorgio Behr for his ‘courage’ in being the first to invest in a chalet at the groundbreaking development.

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