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Andermatt Swiss Alps

An Interview With: Chief Operating Officer of Andermatt-Sedrun Sport AG

“We build trust with the SkiStar brand”

Bo Halvardsson, technical director of SkiStar, manages the new Andermatt and Sedrun ski area expansion. In this interview he talks about his wishes and dreams of achieving a balanced ski destination for all generations.

Does anyone in your home country, Sweden know where Andermatt is?

Oh yes! In Scandinavia all out freeriders know about Andermatt it is a very famous area for being a freeride mecca.

During the seventies there were charter flights between Sweden and Andermatt. Even though I personally never booked a trip, I can remember it well.

When was the first time you skied in Andermatt?

Two years ago. But not for fun, strictly business. I was studying the slopes and had to move really slowly.

Was there anything that really struck you?

Gemsstock, Nätschen and Sedrun are three totally different ski resorts, each with a completely different character.

It’s now your task to merge these three resorts. You have 130 million Swiss Francs available. Do you think you can fulfill your dreams?

We will fulfill the wishes of all of our guests! This winter we will make every effort to get to explore these wishes.

Which is more challenging: To develop an existing skiing area or building an area from scratch?

It’s always best to start from scratch. That way I can build cable cars and slopes so that each mountain station is always focused on four generations.

What does that mean?

There are four slopes that lead down from each mountain station into the valley: one black, one red, one blue, and – here in Scandinavia – even a green one for the little ones. Our dream is that everyone can take the same cable car and then find a slope that suits them perfectly – from your great grandfather to your great-grandchildren. We will be successful if we have a solution that suits all types of guests.

Skiing legend Bernhard Russi is on hand for advice to ensure the success of Andermatt and Sedrun. How important is he for you?

Working with him is fantastic. As he is from Andermatt he knows the region best and, aside from that, he is also the world number 1 in building World Cup slopes. Building a facility which is perfect for tourists is something different though. That’s where we in Scandinavia are ahead. Especially where the building of ski resorts for children is concerned.

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