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Andermatt Swiss Alps

The Andermatt and Sedrun Ski Festival – December 15th

On Saturday 15th December the ‘Past will meet the Present’ as residents and visitors are invited to a day of nostalgia in honour of the Sedrun ski lifts Dieni-Milez and Cuolm-Val. Celebrating a successful 50 year’s in operation the day will be a collaboration of old and new as the festivities will also be in celebration of the planned ski arena expansion between Andermatt and Sedrun.

Attractions on the day will involve:

* A nostaligic ski race on the Oberalppass, taking place next to the restaurant Milez

* A competition with prizes such as a ski pass for Andermatt-Sedrun, a night in the The Chedi Andermatt and a weekend skiing in Sedrun

* Ski testing

* Band, DJ and Alphorn

* Ski passes on the day will cost CHF 25.00 for adults and CHF 12.50 for kids (6 to 12 year old) – similar to prices 50 year’s ago!

So make sure you don’t miss out! Come and  join us on this memorable day for Andermatt and Sedrun, pictures and highlights of the event can be found here next week.

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