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Andermatt Swiss Alps

Looking forward to 2013 at Andermatt Swiss Alps

2012 was a great year for Andermatt Swiss Alps. But we’re looking forward to the landmarks that 2013 will bring – the arrival of our very first guests and residents.

This is the year that the 5-star Chedi Andermatt hotel will open at the centre of the village. The Chedi name is already an established benchmark for luxury thanks to the renown of the Chedi Muscat, Chedi Chiang Mai and Chedi Club, Bali. With the opening of the Chedi Andermatt, the bar will be raised for elite travel in Switzerland – and across the entire continent. The latest Chedi in Europe, this is also the first in the group to offer visitors the chance to invest in their own personal slice of Chedi style and service, thanks to the residences that are for sale within the hotel itself.

The Chedi Andermatt at night

If you’re among those already eager to secure their first stay at the Chedi Andermatt, then the key date for your diary comes in spring, when bookings at the hotel open. Already, behind the Chedi Andermatt’s contemporary exterior – a blend of traditional Swiss styles with the signature, subtle Chedi nods to Asia – the careful process of selecting furniture, fittings and products is well underway. But perhaps the most important selection procedure of all is the hiring process: a commitment to outstanding service is one of the cornerstones of the Chedi philosophy, and finding staff capable of delivering this is a task that the team take very seriously indeed.

A Dining Bar at the Chedi Andermatt Living Space at the Chedi Andermatt

By December, preparations will be complete, and the hotel will welcome its first guests. There are also fully-serviced residences available to buy within the hotel, allowing those who fall in love with the Chedi Andermatt to secure their own permanent stake in the project.

The Chedi Andermatt isn’t the only opening we can look forward to this year. One of the most coveted of Andermatt’s real estate opportunities – the first chalet – will be completed by late summer. The chalet was purchased last year by Giorgio Behr, and we had our first glimpse of it at its grand unveiling in November. Over 900 tonnes of natural, local stone went into the construction of this 3,800-sqm, four-bed home, designed by Stephan Mezger, with its commanding views over both the valley’s rivers, Unteralpreuss and Furkareuss.

The first chalet at Andermatt Swiss Alps

As the first residents move in and the first guests arrive, 2013 will be the year that Andermatt Swiss Alps will be brought fully to life.

To read more about the ideas and concepts behind the creation of the Chedi Andermatt, watch our video from last year’s open day here, or, for more on the unveiling of the first chalet, click here.

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