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Andermatt Swiss Alps

Carnival Time in Andermatt

Carnival is here again – a time when revellers and enthusiasts take to the streets of villages, cities and towns across Switzerland to celebrate. Carnival – or fastnacht – takes place all over Switzerland, with traditions differing from canton to canton. In total, more than 200 carnivals take place throughout this festive period, which sees participants adorn themselves with masks and costumes, and often take up musical instruments and parade through the towns.

Andermatt Carnival Andermatt Swiss Alps' Carnival

Switzerland’s largest and best-know carnivals are held in Basel and Lucerne.  The revellers you see here  are from this year’s carnival procession in Andermatt, which was conducted in the time-honoured manner with Würstliverteilete (free sausages) for all and a prize for the evening’s best mask.

The video below provides a great taste of what to expect from the Lucerne Fasnacht (Carnival), which dates back to the Middle Ages and is one of the longest-running celebrations in Switzerland. The six-day celebration is depicted as:

‘Strange characters in fantastic masks and costumes make their way through the alleyways, while carnival musicians blow their instruments in a joyful cacophony and thousands of bizarerely clad people sing and dance away the winter‘.

Although the festival is designed to drive away the wintry weather, have no fear – you can still find plenty of snow in Andermatt!

Lucerne Carnival Schedule 2013

For more information on this year’s carnival, check out the main site here

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