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Andermatt Swiss Alps

King of the Mountain 2013 at Andermatt

One snow-covered Swiss mountain. Some of the world’s best freeride snowboarders and skiers. One goal – to get from top to bottom as quickly as possible.

Who will make it down the fastest, and be crowned King – or Queen – of the Mountain 2013?

On 6th April at Andermatt, we’ll find out.

Skiing at Andermatt Snowboarding at Andermatt

King of the Mountain, held each year since 2005 at Andermatt-Gotthard, is one of Switzerland’s most popular annual open freeride events. It attracts competitors from across the globe with an incredible variety of terrains to cover (gorges, slopes, cliffs and bluffs) and an outstanding degree of freedom left to the competitors as to just what route they choose. This is one of the highlights of the Alpine winter season – and an event that all Andermatt Swiss Alps look forward to eagerly.

King of the Mountain, ‘the ultimate crossover event’, is open to skiers, snowboarders and Telemark skiers, pitted against one another – and against the spectacular scenery. While we have runs and pistes to suit all abilities, it’s an exhilarating pleasure to watch the most daring and brilliant skiers tackle Andermatt’s toughest terrains.

The pistes at Andermatt

If you think you have it in you to take on the mountains and win, then registration is now open.

Take a look at the list of reigning monarchs and past champions to inspire yourself – perhaps you could even beat Rolf Bissig’s incredible 2011 time of 1:55:45.

And, if you think you might need a year or two more to hone your skills before taking part, plan a day on the slopes on 12th April so you can watch and learn from the skills on show.

If you’re looking for more inspiration, read about our Andermatt Ambassadors, Bernhard Russi and Lara Gut.

2 Kommentare

  1. Peter


    Sounds great. We’ll be in the area on the 6th – please can you tell us what time the event starts, how long it lasts and where is a good place to watch.


    • Andermatt Swiss Alps

      Hi Peter,

      Yes we’re very excited for Saturday! It all kicks off at 11.15am on the Gemsstock black run. If you’re a good skier the best spot to watch is at about 200 metres up. If you’re not so good, probably best to head to the finish line, which is at the Trendvillage at the end of the Bernhard Russi Run also called Gurschenboden. There will be activities and a festival like atmosphere. I hope that’s enough information, just shout if you need any more tips for your time in Andermatt. How long will you be visiting for?

      See you on Saturday

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