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Andermatt Swiss Alps

Andermatt for Adrenalin Junkies

With the extreme heat we’ve been having recently, we can’t think of a better way to spend the National Holiday than in the mountains. That said, for those fond of high-octane activities, there’s no need to leave them behind in the city. Our picturesque scenery not only provides a nice view, but also a challenging landscape ripe for exploring.


Blessed with an abundance of natural cliff faces, glaciers and mountaintops, there is a huge variety of hikes and climbs to be enjoyed. For experienced climbers, a popular choice is The Schöllenen Gorge, a spectacular route of granite rocks with views that look down upon the gorge. Via Ferrata Diavolo, a route built by the Swiss military, is another famed choice amongst climbers. The route, built by a garrison training in Andermatt, consists of a steep vertical climb which is supported at points with steps secured by a steel cable. This route provides an adventure which culminates in rewarding views of the Schöllenen Gorge.

Adventurous families should head to Via Ferrata Bergsee, or the locally named crocodile rock. Here, climbs take roughly two hours and are very diverse. This is definitely a climb to get the heart racing, as a section of the route is an 18 metre long steel rope bridge, suspended 50 metres above the ground.

Hiking in Andermatt Swiss Alps Hiking in Andermatt Swiss Alps

If you’re thinking of spending the weekend in the Alps, and have time to explore more than just one climb, a great place to base yourself is the Andermatt Basecamp: an eco lodge for those seeking a place from which to explore. The owners are skilled climbers themselves and have all the tips and advice you could need.

Climbing in Andermatt

If cycling is your favourite past time and you have a need for speed, the alpine passes around Andermatt provide great foder. The passes are even renowned for hosting the Alpenbrevet road race, which whizzes through the region annually. Not only equipped with challenging routes, Andermatt also has the infrastructure to cater for riders on extended trips, offering a specialist bike shop and hotels which service the specific needs of cyclists.

If you’re keen on visiting Andermatt and want to see where to stay and where to head for sustenance, check out our destination pages.

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