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Andermatt Swiss Alps

The ‘Käsehütte’ Story

As the anchoring of The Chedi Andermatt is in its local surroundings and this in turn is an integral part of the hotel’s concept, its Management team decided to visit different ‘Käsehütten’ (cheese makers) in the Unteralp and Rosbodental area. In order to connect with the people there, to get a feeling of the region’s nature and to research authentic, high-quality local food products Mr. Stefan Noll, Hotel Manager, and Mr. Paride Guerra, F&B Director in task force, planned a trek to the valley, assisted by Mr. Ferdi Muheim, Andermatt’s butcher and expert in the region’s food.

 Chedi Andermatt team in Andermatt Chedi post1

At 6.30am on Monday 29th of July, Stefan and Paride left Andermatt to visit the ‘Käsehütte’ in the Unteralp, their first destination. On their way there they walked across beautiful scenery, enjoying the fresh smells of the nature, as well as the incredible views of the mountains, and of course sheep and cows, whose milk is used for producing the cheese the visitors were to taste soon. The first appointment was at 7.30am with Madame Mazzolini, who warmly welcomed the Managers and explained in detail about all the different cheeses and the concept of her ‘Käsehütte’. Then Madame Mazzolini invited her guests to enter the ‘Hütte’ where she served a great breakfast with freshly brewed coffee, home-made yoghurt, and especially the Unteralp cheeses from the past two years and a younger one, which she had just made 2 months ago. Stefan and Paride departed and continued their walk through the valley with many interesting impressions in their mind and once more admiring the exquisite mountain scenery.

The Chedi Andermatt team

Paride Guerra says:

“It has been simply a wonderful experience visit the beautiful Valley and Alps and its wonderful nature. The animals and varied views are absolutely spectacular and the smells of the nature are genuine, fresh and pure. I particularly enjoyed to visit the Unteralp ‘Käsehütte’ and the meeting with Madame Mazzolini  in order to learn how she makes her cheese. She was very hospitable and genuine and her fresh dairy products, homemade yoghurt and alp cheese are just delicious…”- “I believe it is very important to connect with the local community and research the local and authentic Food and Beverage products to offer to our clientele at The Chedi Andermatt, as the national and international guests really appreciate the fresh and authentic local delicatessen.”

Stefan Noll says:

“It felt like a journey back in time, seeing how traditionally this wonderful cheese is produced. It was incredible to see how much passion Ms. Mazzolini puts into the making of her cheeses. Having seen the process of her cheese making, I have an even greater appreciation for the delicious Unteralp Käse.”

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