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Andermatt Swiss Alps

A Sneak Peak at the Andermatt Golf Course

Next week we’ll be celebrating the beginning of construction on our state-of-the-art golf clubhouse, so we thought it was apt to share some testimonials with you from the lucky few that have experienced the Andermatt golf course this summer.

Bernhard Russi, Kurt Rossknecht and Andre Bossert enjoying the Andermatt Golf Course

Bernhard Russi, board member and sports consultant for Andermatt Swiss Alps:

“This location amidst the mountain world – simply breath-taking.”

André Bossert, Switzerland’s most successful golf touring professional and ambassador for the golf course:

“The golf course at Andermatt is a first-class championship course, embedded within the unique landscape of the region in perfect harmony and offering a genuine alpine golf experience. In short: a real challenge – especially in headwind.” 

Kurt Rossknecht, golf course designer and responsible architect:

“Unique in terms of both golfing and landscape.”

Frank Baumann, writer, TV producer and director of the Arosa Humor Festival:

“The Andermatt golf course is an experience. You could think you are in the Scottish Highlands. Suddenly the wind blows across the fairways, nestled in the terrain with their fast-rolling greens – and then the round becomes a real challenge.”

It won’t be much longer until the golf course will be ready to play. Mid 2014 sees its opening to hotel guests of the Urseren Valley and the course will be fully open to the public in 2016.

We will be sure to post some pictures following the clubhouse ceremony next week, so keep an eye out! In the meantime you can enjoy our dedicated golf video.

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