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Andermatt Swiss Alps

News: Andermatt Swiss Alps Update

Wednesday 4th September marked a very significant day here at Andermatt. In an event led by Mayor Roger Nager and Andermatt Swiss Alps‘ Managing Director Robert Fellermeier, we welcomed a small group of media to the village to help us mark another significant moment to-date; the celebration of breaking-ground at the resort’s Golf Clubhouse.

Golf in Andermatt Andermatt Swiss Alps

The morning kicked off with a symbolic ground-breaking act performed by The Mayor Roger Nager, Robert Fellermeier and the Head of Construction here at Andermatt, Alfred Achenbach. This momentous occasion signifies the beginning of Andermatt Swiss Alps’s construction programme in the second semester of 2013. The Golf Clubhouse, designed by the Bernese architecture office Kurt Aellen GmbH, features regional materials and design elements and is set to become a hot spot in the village.

New golf club house

This landmark occasion was enhanced further by celebration of construction commencement of Gemse, the third apartment house to be built in the village. Designed with typical Swiss style in mind, the wooden clad façade of Gemse will house 19 apartments ranging from 36 to 265 square metres. Gemse will stand to the north west edge of the resort, within the central hub of Andermatt, the other two apartment buildings that are already in the interior finishing phase of construction and will be ready for occupancy in spring 2014.

New golf club house

With on-going refurbishment across the Andermatt-Sedrun ski destination, this event looked ahead to upcoming milestones around the village including; the handover of The Chedi Andermatt hotel to the operating company General Hotel Management (GHM), the grand opening of The Chedi Andermatt scheduled for 6th December 2013, the late autumn topping out of neighbouring residence buildings and the first villas to be handed over to the owners.

The A Team Gemse apartment house

All in all, this event denotes that development of Andermatt Swiss Alps is progressing according to plan and marks 4th September as a very special day here in Andermatt.

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