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Andermatt Swiss Alps

The Mystery of the Light-Grey Boxes

Abdichtung Podium - ohne Schnee 4

The Andermatt Swiss Alps webcam trained on the resort shows the construction progress of the three apartment houses Steinadler, Hirsch and Gemse. But the camera doesn’t show these three buildings only; it also shows the overall basement for the first 18 buildings. Take a closer look and you will see several large light-grey boxes. What’s inside these boxes, and what is their purpose? We asked these questions to Floriano Cuoco, Construction Project Manager at Andermatt Swiss Alps.

Abdichtung Podium - Schnee_barb.  PBD Abdeckungen - Resort_bearb.

Protection for the underground garage

The car-free resort is based upon a large underground garage, from which the property owners can ride an elevator directly to their apartments. The deck of the garage was built with openings for the installation of these elevator shafts at a later time. In the meantime, to prevent water or snow from entering the garage, these openings have been sealed with wooden covers. In response to the remark that “wood is not completely waterproof”, Floriano Cuoco expounds: “That’s correct. The wooden enclosures are covered with an industrially produced sealing system.” This layer is a special waterproofing material often used in road construction.

Abdichtung Podium - Skizze

Of course the wooden covers are also a safety precaution. They prevent anyone on the deck from accidentally falling into one of the openings. And during Advent season, the mysterious wooden boxes on the construction site might even bring to mind Christmas gifts – although they would hardly fit beneath a Christmas tree.

The mystery of the light-grey boxes on the dark-grey deck is thus solved, thanks to Floriano.

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