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Andermatt Swiss Alps

Demand for residences in The Chedi Andermatt is booming

The opening of The Chedi Andermatt hotel early in December 2013 met with great interest all around. Many guests are coming to Andermatt for the first time. This can be noticed in the restaurants and on the ski slopes. It’s no surprise that many guests fall in love with Andermatt and have begun to entertain thoughts of returning and acquiring real estate here. How does this affect residential real estate sales? We asked the real estate specialists Andermatt Realty, member of the Swiss Finance & Property Group. “The positive press coverage on The Chedi Andermatt is tangible. We are seeing strong interest in the residences, which represent an integral part of the hotel. Fortunately, there is still a part of The Chedi Andermatt which is still under construction and which includes 42 additional residences. Here we have a very nice offering, and we still have certain possibilities to finish the interiors according to individual wishes”, explains Melanie Thiel. As marketing and sales manager at Andermatt Realty, she personally serves interested customers. An ideal service point is that customers can try out living in a residence. This gives them the chance to get to know the building and the surroundings. “One man from the warm south was especially fascinated by the mountains. As we rode up the Gemsstock with him, he marvelled at the panorama of the Alps and the spectacular ski slopes”, says Melanie Thiel. Once someone has decided to buy a residence, the customer’s specific wishes can be addressed – even right on location. For instance, some families ask to have the floor plan modified to increase the number of bedrooms.

Residence kitchen_living room_bearb.

When asked what the difference is between a holiday residence and a classical holiday apartment, Melanie Thiel gives a clear answer: “The service programme. An example: When one arrives at a holiday apartment, one might be hungry and the refrigerator empty. Annoying, right? Thanks to the service programme for our residences, the fridge will be full of delicious food if the guest so desires. What’s more, owners of a residence may use all areas of the hotel, and so they actually have much more space than just the residence itself.” Of course all owners also have available the extensive wellness offering and the ski and golf butlers of The Chedi Andermatt.

Because the envisaged furnishings of the residences are more comparable to a spacious hotel suite than a holiday apartment, the built-in kitchens are not planned for cooking exquisite 5-course meals. Rather, guests may enjoy the fine dining in the hotel’s own The Restaurant or, for those who prefer to eat Asian, take a table in The Japanese restaurant. All in all, one can say: With a residence you are the proud owner of your own four walls with 5-star deluxe hotel comfort.

Apartment - Grundriss_bearb.


Residence Bedroom_bearb.

Whoever feels the attraction but hasn’t yet managed to find just the right residence in The Chedi Andermatt will soon have a greater choice. This year the construction of the Radisson Blu Hotel will begin. As in The Chedi Andermatt, there will also be hotel rooms and residences. And again like The Chedi Andermatt, there will be much more offered – in particular an indoor swimming facility with 25-metre pool. Get a first view of the so-called Gotthard Residences today and ask our sales team to be of assistance.

Radisson Blu - Gotthard Residenz_bearb.

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