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Andermatt Swiss Alps

Feel at home in the mountains

Haus Biber

This year the first owners will be moving into their new holiday apartments in Andermatt Swiss Alps resort. So now they are intensively dealing with the furnishings and decoration. They might draw inspiration from the new The Chedi Andermatt hotel, with its Asian-inspired chalet interior, but they will probably also leaf through the gamut of architecture, design and interior design magazines. Here, the term “alpine chic” comes up again and again. This interior design style is currently all the rage – and it suits the chalet architecture of the apartment houses perfectly. Alpine chic combines elements with stylish, down-home, reduced-to-the-essence, natural and archaic-rustic characteristics. These elements are presented with delightful interplay, and the characteristics are best expressed through materials such as fine woods, natural leather, soft furs, thick wool carpeting, hand-woven textiles, homespun felt and raw stone.

Haus Biber

In view of the many options, it’s good to know that there are pros who can help with the planning. Here, Andermatt Swiss Alps collaborates with the creative specialists “die einrichter“. They assist the apartment owners in every step from an initial detailed situation-and-needs analysis to the furnished apartment: “The clients reach us through the Andermatt Swiss Alps sales team. At a face-to-face meeting, we get to know the client as a person on the one hand, and on the other, his ideas about the interior design, from which an individual design concept is created”, explains Jost Muoser, partner in “die einrichter” group. Once all conceivable interior design elements such as tables, sofas, and lamps are placed on the digital floor plan, a 3D perspective is created. Then comes the fun part: The owner can “walk through” his virtual future apartment and let his creative juices flow. He is free to combine colours, lighting and other interior design elements. “We also like to invite the clients to our offices to experience the chosen materials, furniture and design elements one to one.” Thanks to the co-operation of six renowned furniture stores, “die einrichter” have an impressive portfolio of over 200 high-class furniture brands and interior design elements in the popular “alpine chic”.

Karte Die Einrichter_bearb.

Of course “die einrichter” look forward to every creative and inquisitive client. But they are especially happy to serve buyers of apartments in House Biber. Because these are being sold furnished at the owner’s request – naturally in “alpine chic”. We will be glad to open the door of our model apartment in House Biber and show you this interior design example. Step inside, and you will immediately feel at home in the mountains.

For more “alpine chic” inspiration flip to page 25 of the current issue of our destination magazine “Der Andermatter“.

inside-out_winter_16-1_Der Andermatter_bearb.

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