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Andermatt Swiss Alps

Freeride paradise Andermatt

Andermatt is known as a unique freeride ski destination well beyond Swiss national borders. Scandinavians, Americans and French – they all come here to enjoy the majestic mountain scenery and carve trails in the deep virgin snow. The powder season begins already mid-November and experience shows that it lasts through the end of March. A popular plan is to ride the gondola from Andermatt over the glacier and up to the Gemsstock, whence freeriders enjoy long and steep powder runs down to the valley. The area around the Oberalp Pass offers numerous further opportunities. The Matterhorn-Gotthard Bahn brings the freeriders here, to the heart of a fantastic touring region. The train winds its way up the Nätschen, through the snow-covered countryside towards the Oberalp Pass. From here, freeriders reach the popular Schneehüenerstock with its panorama of a hundred peaks, the Pazolastock or the Rossbodenstock, all promising long and impressive powder runs. Those who might be daunted by deep powder will find plenty of high-alpine skiing excitement within the Andermatt-Sedrun ski destination. And who knows, there the aspiration to take a first stab as a freerider might even come to life!

A good many of our colleagues regularly enjoy the mountains on touring skis. They brought to our attention the freerider André Arnold. He is out in the snow every chance he gets. He brought a selection of his photos from his numerous tours that are simply too beautiful not to be admired. Enjoy them!

This map will help you geographically locate the photos that follow.


Welcome to the adventure of “the mountain world of Andermatt and its surroundings” …

Photos: André Arnold, Bürgeln

2 - Abfahrt Lutersee Felli_bearb.

Lutersee valley run.

4 - Abfahrt Grossboden mit Rossbodenstock_bearb.

Descent to Grossboden with the Rossbodenstock in the background.

3 - Abfahrt Felsental_bearb.

In Felsental looking towards Andermatt (golf course).

10 - Abfahrt vom Lutersee über Felli_bearb.

In the powder between Lutersee and Fellilücke.

13 - Am Gipfelgrat vom Borelmit Blick Richtung Ravetsch mit Schatten von André Arnold_bearb.

Summit view: Standing on the Borel; the Ravetsch stretches out beyond.

21 - Gemsstock Mitte November 2013_bearb.

Powder feeling on the Gemsstock. On the left, half way up, the cableway masts appear tiny.

29 - Pazolastock vom Grossboden_bearb.

Taking a breather on the Rossbodenstock. The Pazolastock in the background looks almost too perfect to be true.

30 - Sonnenuntergang am Blauberg, oberhalb Gotthard_bearb.

The delight of every freerider: sunset over the Blauberg near the Gotthard Pass.

1 - Abendstimmung vom Schneehühnerstock Oberalp_bearb.

Evening scene from the Schneehüenerstock above the Oberalp Pass. Ready for the run back to Andermatt in the Urseren Valley.

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