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Andermatt Swiss Alps

Central Switzerland is a preferred place to live


Living in Central Switzerland (Picture: Christian Camenzind)

The tourism region Andermatt is constantly changing. On one hand, the construction works in the resort are in full swing, and on the other, the location has become a more attractive place to live. The Andermatt Swiss Alps real estate agency Engel & Voelkers is now releasing the annual Real Estate Barometer for Central Switzerland. This study shows that living in one of the cantons on Lake Lucerne is preferred by home owners. Accordingly, rental and sales prices of well-situated properties have risen sharply in recent years. This trend is also noticeable in the second-home market. Tourism in Central Switzerland has also grown strongly in recent years. A prime example of this is the positive development of the resort in Andermatt, where prices for apartments have risen by 24 percent. On the other hand, rental prices in the alpine village at the foot of the Gotthard have increased only within the bounds of the overall Swiss rental price development.


Future prospects indicate that the demand for quality homes in the heart of Switzerland will not subside. Reasons for this development are the dynamic economic development and low tax rates, which are not insignificant. This applies especially to the second-home market. Here, Andermatt stands to benefit from strong demand for many years to come.


Rental prices for a three bed-room apartment


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