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Andermatt Swiss Alps

Measuring up with Lara Gut

Skitag Lara Gut 2014_03_26 (9)_bearb.

Before the Start: The contest rules are explained.

Spring has many bright sides. A particularly spectacular one can be experienced right now on the Gemsstock. Snow depth on the slopes measures between 86 cm (valley station) and 4 m (at nearly 3,000 meters a.s.l.). Comfortable temperatures prevail, and the views into the flourishing valley below are inspiring. This week, Andermatt Swiss Alps gave customers and partners the chance to experience ideal springtime skiing here. The ski day featured a special attraction: One of the group members was currently Switzerland’s top female downhill skier, Lara Gut (World Cup discipline champion in Super G and bronze medallist in the overall World Cup 2013/14). The Andermatt ambassador appreciates the assured snowfall on Andermatt’s flagship mountain – and as a native of Ticino, of course she also likes the proximity to her home canton. “The best part of the panorama from the Gemsstock is the view to Ticino”, says the ski crack with a smile.

Skitag Lara Gut 2014_03_26 (10)_bearb.

The participants with Lara Gut.

For a change, the ski star could enjoy a downhill run with no need to shave off the very last hundredth of a second. The guests faced a stiffer challenge: They vied for the honour of being winner of the day. The rules were very simple: The guests had to predict the difference between their own time for the run and that of Lara Gut. The skier who achieved the smallest difference was dubbed winner of the day. A few of the skiers were even audacious enough to predict that they would be faster than the young Ticinese – but at the winners’ circle they were brought back down to reality. Lara Gut, even at a relaxed pace, was not to be bettered.

The Gemsstock will be open daily until 4 May 2014 with fine snow conditions to the delight of ski enthusiasts. The certainty of snow on the Gemsstock is valued by many, including the Swiss Federal Department of Sport, which is conducting a snowboard course for Youth+Sport instructors this week and will offer further courses on Andermatt’s landmark mountain in April.

Skitag Lara Gut 2014_03_26 (12)_bearb.

In crouch position: The ski crack sets the best time.


Skitag Lara Gut 2014_03_26 (30)_bearb.

Lara Gut glides easily across the finish line.


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