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Andermatt Swiss Alps

Be prepared – not only for the Boy Scouts

With the gradual downsizing of the Army structures in Andermatt, the military facilities are also disappearing. The munitions base is already history. The recovery of the shooting range site was no simple task. Every millimetre of terrain with bullet backstop berms was successfully ridded of heavy metals such as lead and antimony. Now the 40-year-old Hall 2, adjacent to the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn station, is being demolished. Here the task is somewhat easier because the demolition area is smaller and the experience gained through the dismantling of the shooting range can be applied. The building is being removed to make room for numerous new projects including the ski underpass, new train station, and base station of the new gondola cableway. Thus the site will be prepared for an immediate start once these projects are ready for execution.


The demolition, which will be finished by the end of May, is being handled by Tiefbau AG from Flüelen. “We work from the top down. Because it’s a concrete frame structure, we can remove concrete elements as entire pieces”, emphasizes Urs Herger, project manager at Andermatt Swiss Alps AG. The building, 20 metres wide, 70 metres long and 13 metres high, most recently served as a warehouse of armasuisse. Even empty, the building boasts impressive dimensions. “We estimate some 2,800 tonnes of demolition material”, says Urs Herger. The building will be dismantled in individual pieces as large as possible, instead of being reduced to rubble, the usual method. These pieces will remain in the Urseren Valley, more precisely in Zumdorf, Uri, where at the recycling centre they will be processed and once again become concrete.

Abbruch Normhalle 6_bearb.

A great challenge according to Urs Herger is the train tracks immediately adjacent to the building. The trains will continue to run on their normal schedule just a few meters away from the demolition site. Emissions of noise and dust are always an issue in demolition projects. “We will do our best to keep these levels as low as possible. With the sequential dismantling of large elements and the avoidance of wrecking by impact we will surely achieve this.

Abbruch Normhalle 4_bearb.

3 Kommentare

  1. Serafin Imboden

    The underpass from the station to the Nätschen slopes is a very expensive and unnecessary mistake, especially if the Göschenen aerial cableway is built to syphon off all those thousands (!) of day-skiers driving up the Schöllenen. Plus the south-facing Nätschen season is much shorter than the Gemstock. But the greatest flaw in the whole grandiose Andermatt project is not the immense amount of snow making required (with its hugely wasteful energy implications) to keep it going, or the crazy littering of the Oberalp valley flank with ski lifts and yet more snow making installations, but the complete lack of a link between Nätschen, the railway station and the only really viable part of the scheme, the Gemstock. The project is about to install a completely crazy and unecessary six-seater heated chairlift up the short Oberalppass-Calmot slope, but totally overlooks the fact that the Nätschen/Oberalp section may as well be on a different planet to the Gemstock. At the moment it’s a good ten-minute walk from the station to the Gemstock valley terminus in ski boots and carrying skis. The project’s priorities are in a mess. Maybe someone would like to respond?

    • Andermatt Swiss Alps

      Thanks for your inputs and considerations. Please take notice that there is a shuttle-bus connecting the train station and the Gemsstock-basestation. No one is obliged to walk 10 minutes in skiboots.

  2. Kirsten Ng

    I agree with Ms Imboden. The Gemsstock is what everyone (beginners, intermediates and experts alike) enjoys in andermatt because the snow is so infinitely much better than naetschen its like its on a different planet. The bus is never there when you want it so you always walk between the two.

    Its a real shame they did away with the plans to connect gemsstock to hospental as all the best resorts include a few historic villages.

    To make gemsstock family friendly its needs a nice gemutlich traditional chocolate box chalet style restaurants with big sofas and fires serving hot chocolate and waffles or crepes. So the family can ride the cable car and meet the skiers on the mountain. It also needs one or two walking trails. Its such a nuisance non- skiers cant get to luttersee as that would be a lovely spot for a family lunch. The whole area at gurschen needs an urgent facelift as it is so ugly and with no atmosphere. In avoriaz they clad all the ugly concrete buildings with really nice wood and has made a huge difference.

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