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Andermatt Swiss Alps

Reason for Brits why investing in Switzerland

By Sara Benwell, London

Switzerland is one of the most attractive countries to buy property, both for individuals seeking a holiday home or second residence, and companies or investors looking for property investment opportunities. Swiss real estate is in great demand and the country has seen a constant increase of foreigners investing in housing. Indeed, foreign buyers have laid claim to around 450,000 holiday homes in Switzerland since the 1970s.


Investing in Swiss property is a great long-term investment

Buying property in Switzerland, whether you’re looking for a permanent residence, holiday home or office, is a viable long-term investment. Some may argue that Swiss property looks pricey, at a similar level to the UK housing market, but you end up with a quality investment that will appreciate over time.

Buying a house in Switzerland is a safe bet as the country is home to a peaceful, prosperous, and modern market economy. The political stability, transparent legal system, and low (corporate) tax rates make Switzerland one of the world’s most competitive economies, almost a guarantee of a high return on investment.


Switzerland is also a great opportunity for business development. The economy benefits from a highly developed service sector, led by financial services, and a manufacturing industry that specialises in high-technology, knowledge-based production. The low unemployment and the highly skilled labour force make it a perfect place to launch a new business, especially for hedge funds and other financial services providers. This ensures that any Swiss property you do buy will be part of a thriving, successful community.

Investing in Swiss property is a quality of life guarantee

Buying Swiss property is not only a sound long-term investment, but also an investment in high quality of life. For those looking to buy holiday residences, Switzerland’s main attraction remains its location at the heart of the Alps.

Many Swiss resorts such as Andermatt offer year-round attractions for potential buyers. During the winter, skiers and snowboarders of all levels flock to the Swiss Alps where they know the slopes are always impeccably maintained, and ski lifts are of the highest standard in Europe. For many, skiing in Switzerland is a great deal more agreeable than in other regions, because of the pleasant temperatures. In the summer, the same resorts will offer an extensive range of activities for all tastes, which include hiking, golfing, rock climbing, mountain biking and water sports.

For both locals and visitors, Andermatt provides a perfect retreat, where you can get away from it all and return to nature. Particularly appealing are the spas and wellness possibilities you can find there and in the neighborhood.



Non swiss nationals are allowed to buy holiday or vacation homes in tourist areas in Switzerland for residential purposes. However, getting the approval from the authorities is a complicated procedure, and the property is subject to numerous restrictions, such as property investment limit and property size. A direct purchase in contrast is possible in the “Andermatt Swiss Alps Project“, which allows non swiss buyers to freely buy and resell a Swiss property without any restrictions. This project was the only project, given a “special”, very rare exemption under Swiss law allowing foreigners and foreign entities to freely invest in Swiss real estate.


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