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Andermatt Swiss Alps

From Lhasa zu Andermatt

Andermatt and Tibet are not at all so different from each other”, ponders Loten Dahortsang. “The rock mountain faces, the waterfall at Devil’s Bridge, and the wind remind me of my homeland. And here are the wellsprings of four great rivers, and I can feel this energy.” When Loten Dahortsang was asked to hold a yoga retreat at The Chedi Andermatt, he was enthusiastic.

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“The rooms in The Chedi Andermatt are like an oasis and are very well suited for spiritual meditation sessions”, tells Loten Dahortsang. “Everything is very strong, the materials used and the surrounding environment, and that makes for a special atmosphere. The participants had high expectations, and indeed the first seminar, held at the end of June, was very well received”. Loten Dahortsang will offer more yoga retreats in The Chedi Andermatt this September and in other months. Included in the package offer are a stay in a deluxe room or a deluxe suite, a rejuvenating 90-minute ilá Tibetan Ku Nye massage, relaxing meditation sessions and a four-course dinner in The Restaurant.


Loten Dahortsang was born in 1968 in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet. When he was 11, he moved with his mother and grandmother to Nepal, where he began schooling in Tibetan culture and Buddhism. When he was 14, he came to Switzerland and furthered his learning as a student at the Tibet Institute monastery in Tösstal. More training in Buddhism and meditation followed in India. Today Loten Dahortsang is 46 and he is a well-known meditation and yoga teacher at the Tibet Institute monastery in Rikon and in other Buddhist centres across Europe.

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