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Andermatt Swiss Alps

Bespoke holiday apartments

Already in spring the apartment owners in Apartment House Gemse have taken many decisions. Do I want an electrical outlet in this corner? Where should the TV hook-up be? Does the kitchen meet our requirements? In the bedroom, should the light switch at the door turn on the ceiling light or a lamp on the night table?


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Antje Schumann is there to help owners with questions such as these. As an architect specializing in interior design, she gathers all the wishes of the apartment owners. “I discuss every last detail with the owners. Especially with the electrical system, it’s important for me to know all the needs of the client, so that these can be taken into account already in the planning phase.” With large windows, light-coloured walls, white cabinetry in the kitchen, and cream-colored tiles in the bathrooms, the apartments are flooded with light. However, the floors are darker – black slate in the bathrooms and long, wide oak plank flooring throughout the living areas. “If an owner would like to have a different floor or another type of stone in the bathrooms, then we make that possible.”

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Buyers of the apartments come from around the world. This means that the majority of the communication must work by e-mail and telephone. “Our main suppliers, such as Bulthaup for the kitchens or Marazzi for the bathroom tiles, operate internationally. So the clients can touch the materials and select them where they live, and then tell me what they would like to have.”

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Antje Schumann coordinates the total service contractor, technical specialists, and client wishes. “This coordination is certainly the greatest challenge. But it’s nice to see every time how all the pieces come together at the end – and we can hand over another bespoke apartment.”

Find out more about Apartment House Gemse here.

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