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Andermatt Swiss Alps

It tickles, but doesn’t bite!

When you step inside The Chedi Andermatt hotel, you immediately notice a main pillar of the house philosophy: local tradition combined with Asian flair. You see it not only in the interior design and in the dining menu, but also in the cocktail menu at the bar, a prime example being the blueberry chili martini.

Blue Berry Chili Martini_blog

That name might make you momentarily waiver a bit. But this drink reflects exactly what The Chedi Andermatt stands for. Barkeeper Johan Granvik explains why: “We wanted a drink that’s a mix between the local and traditional with Asia. The Urseren Valley is known for being rich with blueberries, and chili is a key ingredient in Asian cuisine. So we sat at the table and developed this as our own signature drink for The Chedi Andermatt.” Visitors to Johan’s bar who might not be sure what to drink will be recommended to order this sweet-hot temptation. “The guests are really excited about it. At first they might be a bit sceptical because there’s chili in it. One guest put it very well when he said the drink tickles, but doesn’t bite.”


So when you return to Andermatt after a walk through the countryside, you can have a blueberry chili martini mixed by a pro at the bar in The Chedi Andermatt or you can use the recipe below and try mixing one yourself in your kitchen – using your own hand-picked blueberries.


6cl Russian Standard vodka flavoured with chili*
4cl Blueberry purée (homemade or from a specialty shop)
2cl Lime juice
3cl Sugar syrup
0.5cl Peres Chartreux Liqueur De Myrtille

1. Chill a martini glass five minutes in the freezer.
2. Add all ingredients into a cocktail shaker filled with ice.
3. Close and shake vigorously for half a minute.
4. Strain into the cooled glass and serve the blueberry chili martini immediately.

* Chili-flavoured vodka recipe
1 bottle Russian Standard vodka
3 whole chili peppers

Steep the chili peppers in the bottle of vodka and remove them after a week and a half.

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