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Andermatt Swiss Alps

Wildflower fields instead of grey surfaces

The outdoor areas around the new apartment houses Steinadler, Hirsch, Gemse, and Biber are changing almost daily. With our webcam you can see exactly where and what kind of landscaping work is being done at any moment. And you can see how it’s getting increasingly greener around the apartment buildings. That’s the result of careful planning: “We use a different seed mix depending on where we are landscaping”, explains Project Manager Sandro Danioth from Andermatt Swiss Alps AG. For example, a common area with a grill and a variety of playground equipment was recently installed. There a classic lawn serves as the base.

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“Closer to the Reuss, we will use a mix of wildflower seeds. This will blend the area perfectly into the natural surroundings”, continues Sandro Danioth. Some of the areas being greened are quite large. “First we place a layer of so-called “C soil”, and then comes a generous layer of humus.” The area will then be planted with the chosen seed mixture.


But much more is hidden beneath the green of the plants and the humus layer: The areas between the finished apartment buildings are now being backfilled. There, in addition to tens of thousands of cubic metres of soil, rain water drainage pipes are also being installed.

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The top layer of humus is incidentally the same soil that was there before construction of the apartment buildings began. It was carefully removed and stockpiled on the left bank of the Reuss a few years ago.


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