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Andermatt Swiss Alps

From shooting range to driving range

This summer, on an area of about 20,000 m2, the driving range with sheltered tee boxes is being created at the new Andermatt golf course. Thus a new golf practice area is being created on the former military practice range. “Before we could start building the driving range, we had to move the old military target embankments”, tells Project Manager Sandro Danioth from Andermatt Swiss Alps AG. Only then could we grade the entire area.

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The new top layer of soil consists of 25 to 30 cm of humus, planted with a special grass mix, selected to suit the altitude of Andermatt. To achieve good grass, sowing must be done when the weather is more or less dry – which was no simple task during the rainy summer of 2014!

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The new driving range is 280 m long and will be used for practicing tee shots, perfecting one’s swing, and warming up before playing. A special shelter is being erected for this at one end. “It’s a very simple timber-framed building that opens to the range”, explains Andermatt Swiss Alps Architect Antje Schumann. The building, just over 26 m long, will house five tee boxes and a training room for the golf pro.

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The driving range will be ready for use next year, playing season 2015.


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