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Andermatt Swiss Alps

Life comes to Hirsch and Steinadler

“Super!” The owners of the apartments in the Apartment Houses Hirsch and Steinadler are now setting up furniture and emptying out boxes. “We have been waiting for this moment so much. We continually watched as the buildings grew, but when the scaffolding came down our anticipation increased even more”, smiles the owner of an apartment in Hirsch as she takes items out of a box and puts them away in the kitchen.


A large wardrobe is being assembled in the bedroom. There’s still much to be done, but the rooms are taking shape. “It’s a lot of work getting everything arranged, but it’s pleasant work”. Muscle power is the order of the day, along with skilled use of screwdrivers and drills. But what the owner is looking forward to the most is the start of the interior decoration. The wait for that still requires a bit of patience. “I will gladly take my time for this. It’s better to have everything in the right place from the very start – at least the furniture. We will surely have to rearrange the contents a few times.”

Aufbau_url Aufbau 2_url

“We are also very glad that the landscaping has been done in time for moving into the apartments,” says the owner. “I am already looking forward to the wonderful atmosphere in the mornings and evenings that we can enjoy here. A fire in the fireplace and the view into the wild-romantic natural countryside all around us – this apartment is really a dream come true for us!”



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