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Andermatt Swiss Alps

From basement to roof in ten days

The eye can hardly follow the speed at which Apartment House Biber has risen skyward.

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After roughly two months, during which the concrete core with stairway and elevator shaft were built, followed early in November all five stories within just ten days. They were built using prefabricated wood elements assembled on the site.

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The general contractor Strüby Konzept AG was well prepared for the task. “We prefabricated all the elements at our production centre in Root. And now we can put the elements together, almost like a Lego tower, and House Biber will be standing no time”, explained Christoph Langenberg, responsible project developer at Strüby.

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A tour through the Strüby production centre in Seewen SZ is impressive. The smell of wood permeates the large factory. Modern machines cut the pieces into the right form with millimetre precision. “We use timber from the region and our principle is to work with local partners. Trees grow back and wood sequester CO2. We manufacture high-quality wall and floor elements that enhance building in terms of stability, tightness and acoustics as well as reducing the construction time”, says Walter Furrer, Head of Production at Strüby Holzbau AG. Even here in the production plant, one can feel the sense of comfort and well-being that wood radiates.


Andermatt Swiss Alps AG commissioned Strüby Konzept AG as total service contractor for Apartment House Biber. “This simply means that we take care of everything and in the end hand over the keys to the finished apartments to the client ASA. We coordinate the work of the various contractors on the site and guarantee the specified quality, the delivery deadline and cost”, explains Pius Kneubühler, Head of Residential Construction and Real Estate for the Strüby Group.

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