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Andermatt Swiss Alps

Alpine Chic – elegant gemütlichkeit

It’s briskly cold outside. You return from a walk through the enthralling winter countryside of Andermatt. You open the door of your apartment. The wooden floor feels warm, and you first walk to the fireplace. The wood is ready, you hold a match to the stack and soon a cosy fire is crackling. In front of the sofa lies a deep pile carpet, and the fluffy pillows invite you to just relax.


“die einrichter”— or in English, “the interior designers” — is a group of six owner-run furniture stores from different parts of Switzerland. They have furnished a model apartment in Apartment House Steinadler in Alpine Chic style. “Nature gives us the most elegant materials, and these are what we use in Alpine Chic. Noble woods, natural leather, soft furs and stone such as slate are the key elements of modern Alpine style”, explains Jost Muoser from Möbelhaus MUOSER Schattdorf, partner in “die einrichter” group. The earth tones are accented with radiant touches of orange, sky blue or aqua green. “When it comes to the furnishings, one of our prime criteria is authenticity. The natural surroundings of Andermatt display archaic beauty. We reflect this in a reduced, down-two-earth and natural style in the apartments.” The holiday apartments are decorated with the same inspiration one can see in the model apartment.


The dream of Alpine Chic continues in the bedroom. A cuddly fur spread covers the bed, the elegant lamp in the corner radiates warm and soft light. “For the furniture we draw upon the suppliers of our extensive collection.” The comprehensive know-how of “die einrichter” is of course also available to the apartment owners, because the model apartment in Steinadler serves as a source of inspiration for them too – showing just how comfortable and inviting a property in Alpine Chic can be.


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