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Andermatt Swiss Alps

Interview with Samih Sawiris

2014 will soon be history and a lot happened in Andermatt.
Samih Sawiris shares his thoughts with us in an exclusive interview:

“I am pleased that four apartment buildings now stand in the resort and the first apartments have been handed over to the buyers. The Chedi Andermatt hotel has its first year of operation behind it – the start was very successful. We have already applied for the building permit for the second hotel. I am particularly happy that we were able to delight so many golfers with our new golf course already during the pre-opening phase. And the development of the Ski area is finally moving ahead! We had to wait a very long time for the approvals. I think overall we have proven to many sceptics that the Andermatt Swiss Alps tourist resort is not a pipe dream, but reality.”


What were the greatest challenges of 2014?
“To be patient! At the moment, this applies very clearly especially to the ski area. In Switzerland you need a permit for every screw, and it’s prescribed exactly how it must look. I’m not used to that with other resorts. But of course this also has the big advantage that there are fewer surprises. Everything takes longer here, but this also gives more security.”


What are your wishes for 2015?
“That things will continue progressing well. I am hopefully looking forward to another successful year in The Chedi Andermatt with many satisfied guests. And that the ski area continues to take shape. We will continue to build, to develop, and to sell.”

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