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Andermatt Swiss Alps

The Chedi Andermatt – and a break that was not

After a short fall break The Chedi Andermatt reopened its doors punctually at noon on 5 December 2014. “We made intensive use of the recent weeks to ensure that our guests will enjoy even more attractive and comfortable stays”, tells interim Hotel Director Hansjörg Meier, and not without pride. “We have analysed the feedbacks and acted on them. We are well aware of the challenge facing us in our second year.” This is chiefly because the expectations will be even higher. In the first year, the driving force for a visit was curiosity about the first Swiss The Chedi. But now the task is to confirm what has been praised in the many positive ratings and in the press. “I considered it important to use the time to further train our staff in their role as host. We want to be in very close touch with our guests and personally see to their wellbeing.”


The management also did some fine tuning of the hotel’s offerings. “For instance, the afternoon tea. We had already been offering this, but we felt that a certain Swissness was missing. Now we’ve taken care of that. We’ve also engaged a pianist who enhances the ambience of the lobby.”

Afternoon_klein1_blog Afternoon_klein2_blog

In response to feedbacks, the menus in The Restaurant have been adjusted, and there is now a greater selection of vegetarian dishes. “I am especially proud of the introduction of the “Silhouette” menu – top-notch cuisine for those who are watching their waistline. And this naturally complements our wellness offering.”

Koch1_blog Koch2_blog

In addition to adjustments based on guests’ suggestions, changes to the building were also made. A new relaxation lounge has been created in the spa area. “We now have a truly comprehensive wellness offering in rooms that make the guests feel good. The outdoor pool will be open soon. That will further enhance the experience of this exclusive alpine hotel – especially in winter, when guests will be able to relax in the warm water amidst the snow.”


“We made extensive use of the short break and polished up all that we offer. The ski butler has the latest ski equipment from HEAD, The Bar is getting a jazzier note, we have a coiffeur in house – The Salon Pedro Sanchez – and more. The list is too long to mention everything. The best thing is to come here for a few days, let yourself be pampered, and find out everything for yourself.”


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