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Andermatt Swiss Alps

Biber not disturbed by snow

Last November – and just in time for the first snow, thanks to the efficient hybrid construction system – the exterior envelope of apartment house Biber was completed. “This was the greatest challenge of the whole building: erection of the wooden structure including the weathertight roof and closed-in building envelope”, explains Rolf Nietlisbach, on-site construction superintendent for Strüby Konzept AG. “But the next challenge is already here – the so-called blower door test, which will prove whether the building is airtight and meets the requirements of the Minergie Standard.” These measurements will be taken during the next month.


The precondition for being able to carry out the blower door test is that every subcontractor working on each floor completes his work on schedule and to specification. Rolf Nietlisbach says the interior works are progressing on schedule. “The electrical wiring and multimedia cabling are roughed in, the front walls are being installed in the bathrooms, the plumbing contractor is installing the piping, and the air ducts will be finished soon.” And the plaster contractor has finished cladding the outside walls and is now putting up the front walls in the bathrooms and partitions between the rooms.

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For building in the mountains – where snowfall is heavy – hybrid construction has many benefits. “Due to the short season during which the structure can be erected, the construction process can be planned more concretely, and the interior contractors find the structure already dry. So the quickly dried-in building allows the interior works to progress with certainty regardless of weather or heavy snowfall”, says Rolf Nietlisbach. When everything continues to progress so smoothly, the first owners will be able to move into their apartments by the end of the year.


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