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Andermatt Swiss Alps

Schneefalke spreads its wings

“The partnership between SWISS PROPERTY and Andermatt Swiss Alps AG was sparked by coincidence. Our CEO bought an apartment in The Chedi Andermatt and consequently met Samih Sawiris. They got along well from the start and discussed the prospect of a joint venture,” tells Johannes May, Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of SWISS PROPERTY, a Swiss company specializing in the development of high-quality and ecologically attuned real estate. Thus arose the idea for apartment house Schneefalke – and this idea has already taken concrete shape.


The building combines traditional alpine architecture with today’s elegant style and modern comforts. The materials are not only of the highest quality; they perfectly match the natural ruggedness of the Urseren Valley. “This is only the second time that we are building holiday apartments, and we enjoy this very special challenge. The expectations are different than for a primary residence. The owners want more compact units, and the style can be bolder”, explains Johannes May. “This means we can really go ‘Alpine Chic’. The stone can be a shade darker, the wood left more rustic – the apartment should be clearly different from your ‘normal home’”.

Schneefalke Wohnraum_blog Schneefalke Schlafzimmer_blog

Andermatt is a year-round destination with an incredible number of offerings for active holidays. “We want to live up to this. That’s why we’ve planned a sauna, a steam room and a small fitness studio for the residents of the building. What could be better than to unwind in the sauna after a long day in the snow, on the golf course or on your bike?” Johannes May’s enthusiasm for the project is palpable.

Schneefalke Fitnesscenter_blog

The apartments were placed on the market in December 2014 – and sales have started very well. “We plan to start building the concrete core for the staircase already this year. That means when the snow melts next year we can erect the building envelope and then start on the interior works. We will use hybrid construction, as with apartment house Biber. If everything goes according to plan, the owners will be able to celebrate Christmas 2016 in their new apartments”.


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