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Andermatt Swiss Alps

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“Start the day fresh” is the motto of the cleaning company Vebego. They are responsible for the perfect condition in which the apartments of Andermatt Swiss Alps AG are handed over to guests. Heinz Imhof, manager of the Central Switzerland branch, coordinates the assignments of the cleaning professionals. “For us it is an honour to make a contribution to the success of the overall tourism resort. At the moment, however, we are still building up our routines; the job is still very fresh. But what I can say is that these apartments are good to clean.” In the current rental situation, cleaning the apartments is not much different from in a hotel operation.


“So that the apartments always look the same and the accessories are always in the same place, we have taken photos of each unit. This allows an employee who has never been in an apartment to handle the cleaning.” In any case, Ms Marina Walker is on site every day. She is trained as a hotel manager and tends to the apartments and to the stairwells. On weekends, which are always full of arrivals and departures, she is reinforced by up to six additional cleaning staff.

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“So that the receptionist at the Sales and Information Center (SICA) knows at all times which apartments are ready for the next guests, we have the so-called “@lly”, a special program”, explains Heinz Imhof. “When a cleaning staff starts working in an apartment, they log in to the system. Once the cleaning is done, they send notification. The apartment is then marked at SICA as cleaned, and the next guest can take occupancy.” Using this system, Vebego staff can also find out e.g. whether to place a cot in the apartment or whether the guest has other requests that they can meet.

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So far, Heinz Imhof and his team have generally been satisfied with the condition in which the apart-ments have been left. “The rental agreement stipulates that the apartment must be swept clean be-fore leaving. This works quite well.” One advantage we offer is that we wash the bed linen and towels in our own laundry facility. “So we can really vouch for high quality, and we know that everything is being done to our standards.”

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