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Andermatt Swiss Alps

Music is in the air

A series of classical concerts for the Easter season is being held for the first time in Andermatt. Numerous performances by award-winning ensembles will be heard in St. Peter & Paul Parish Church – including the world-famous orchestra “Festival Strings Lucerne” and the woodwind quintet “Nexus Reed“.



Both ensembles have busy concert schedules and a large repertoire – and yet every performance is a new challenge. Two members of the groups talked about this when we met as they were preparing for their concerts in Andermatt.

Daniel  DoddsFototermin am 15.07.2011Foto: Dorothee Falke Sandro_Blog

Daniel Dodds (left picture), Concert Master of Festival Strings Lucerne: “Routine helps us in the process of preparation, but when it comes to the stage, it’s no longer routine. Live is live!” Sandro Blank, saxophonist and co-founder of “Nexus Reed Quintet”, agrees: “Every concert is different. You have to respond to the room and to the audience. If you are striving for perfection, you will never think of a live performance as routine.” Daniel Dodds travels around the world with the Festival Strings Lucerne: “It’s always exciting to perform in new places – and now this Easter we are playing for the first time in St. Peter & Paul Church in Andermatt. Churches have a very special atmosphere, and that always makes for a wonderful experience.” Sandro Blank laughs: “We’ve not yet travelled so far as the Lucerne Festival Strings, but as a young ensemble we take every opportunity to perform – and we are especially excited about playing in the church at Andermatt!”


On their programme is music by the composers Johann Sebastian Bach and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. But Nexus Reed woodwind quintet will also deliver the debut performance of a piece by the contemporary composer Luigi Laveglia (*1971). “We try to mix many old and new pieces into our programme”, explains Sandro Blank. Similarly, the Festival Strings Lucerne goes beyond the styles of baroque, classical and romantic. “We feel at home with the music from baroque to the present. What we play and how we put together our programme often depends on the occasion and the organiser”, tells Daniel Dodds . “Our highlight is certainly the William Tell Overture by Gioachino Rossini and the Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra in E-flat major by Johann Nepomuk Hummel.”


The audience can look forward to a varied programme in Andermatt. The tickets can be purchased in advance.



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