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Andermatt Swiss Alps

Introducing: Monsieur le Directeur, the soul of the hotel


“My predecessors have done a lot for this hotel, and this is evident by the numerous awards that have been won. The footsteps that I have to fill are large. But I was looking for a challenge – and here I have found it,” says Jean-Yves Blatt, Hotel Director of the 5-star deluxe hotel The Chedi Andermatt since the beginning of March. The hotel has a special charm and is unique in Europe. The mix between traditional Swiss and Asian aspects has brought the house many interested guests since it opened in December 2013. “But meanwhile the curiosity has been satisfied – now the hotel must develop its soul. During the interim management period last summer, the personal flair could not really become established. Thus, at the moment, I find the hotel somewhat professionally distant.”

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Jean-Yves Blatt radiates enthusiasm and has big plans. “As general manager, it’s also my job to see that the operations behind the scenes function optimally. At the moment these processes are still very much influenced by Singapore – the headquarters of GHM*. This set-up was invaluable for the successful launch from zero to one hundred but it is not necessarily compatible for Europe in the long run. So we are in the process of reorganizing and restructuring to improve the efficiency of our hotel.” Jean-Yves Blatt is very determined, and it’s easy to believe that he will successfully achieve his goals. “Whenever I have decided to implement a plan, I have always pursued it tenaciously.” His CV confirms his determination. He began with an apprenticeship as a chef and built upon this with years of additional training and schooling, ending up as the manager of a large hotel.


“But my duties are not only discreet ones behind the scenes. It’s very important – and this is the part that I greatly enjoy personally – that I talk with the guests. I would love to greet each guest personally and also say goodbye. I want to hear their opinions directly. That’s why I try to talk with the guests as often as possible.” Ultimately, that also forms the soul of a hotel, and it’s the reason he wants to train the staff with this goal in mind. “If you work in a 5-star deluxe hotel, it’s not enough to just know by heart the standards of the leading hotels of Europe. Only those who speak their heart and take pleasure in working with guests are at the right place here with us.”

*General Hotel Management, the hotel operating company


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