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Andermatt Swiss Alps

Creation of DER ANDERMATTER guest magazine

“We’ve been keeping lists of ideas for stories on the subjects of history, culture, cuisine, touristic offers and regional matters for three years,” tells Heinz Baumann of baumann, fryberg, tarelli (bft), a communications agency in Altdorf. Twice a year, in consultation with the editorial team of Andermatt Swiss Alps AG (ASA), they decide on the topics for the next issue of DER ANDERMATTER guest magazine – and this presents a few challenges indeed. “We want to produce attractive stories about the Andermatt holiday region. When we choose the topics, we make sure they are authentic for the area and that they offer value for the readers. We think it’s important that the reports and stories reflect life in the Gotthard region.” For instance, different trades are presented, such as stonemasonry or crystal hunting. “But the vocations that are truly unique to mountain regions are exhausted relatively quickly.”


The creative minds of the agency meet regularly for brainstorming sessions. But they also go about the region with open eyes and ears in search of inspiration. “Not only is the subject important; it must be effectively implemented”, adds Heinz Baumann. His staff is grateful for the many tips that the ASA editorial team makes for each issue, whether for potential content, about texts, or sometimes regarding the visual appearance – because the magazine comes to life through its powerful pictures. Some of these photos are taken by the agency itself. “The quest for the perfect image is usually associated with great effort. We think it’s important for the guest magazine to display powerful, high-quality photos.”


DER ANDERMATTER is published twice a year – a summer issue and one in winter. The work begins about five months in advance. “At the initial meeting, we always review the previous issue with ASA, decide on our new topics and define the timeline. The magazine has about 70 pages, and filling it takes a while.” The bft team comprises experienced members. “We have  Dori Tarelli and Stefan Fryberg responsible for the texts, I take care of the pictures and Raphaela Herger the layout. This works very well, and so far we’ve always managed to meet our deadlines”, says Heinz Baumann, not without pride. But the great sigh of relief comes only when the final proof is delivered to the printer. “… and then, holding the magazine in your hands afterwards is a great joy. We put our heart and soul into this effort, and we enjoy a lot of trust and thus a lot of freedom in the design and realisation of the magazine. And ultimately, it’s also a great reference for our agency.”

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The current issue (winter) of DER ANDERMATTER can be found here; the next issue will appear mid-June.

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