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Andermatt Swiss Alps

Andermatt Swiss Alps on tour


The project of Andermatt Swiss Alps AG (ASA) is regularly presented internationally in so-called roadshows – because there are compelling arguments in favour of the project in Andermatt, especially for non-Swiss. And precisely these arguments are studied with interest, which is why we are also glad to present them. A main focus is on the exemption from the “Lex Koller“. This allows buyers domiciled outside Switzerland to buy and resell the ASA properties without restriction. We recently held roadshows with this message in three countries: Germany, the UK and China.

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“This is a very good opportunity to present our project and to make it better known in other European countries,” says Kurt Engstfeld, Senior Sales Executive at ASA. At the Business Club Hamburg not only was the year-round destination Andermatt presented but also the real estate project Lustica Bay on the sunny coast of Montenegro by Samih Sawiris’ company Orascom. “We have combined the two projects by Samih Sawiris for the first time – and they complement each other well. We show the prospective customers how they can make a financially stable investment in prime locations with high residential and holiday quality – of course with the added value that they can make their holidays in a place with a great range of activities.”

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Another important market for real estate is London. “Especially with events in large cities like London, contacts always emerge who have a strong interest in our properties in the mountains,” explains Christof Birkhofer, Head Real Estate at ASA. The event in the trendy Halcyon Gallery was very well attended, and the presentation by Samih Sawiris was closely followed. “It’s still a bit too early to find out how many potential buyers we were able to address. But London is definitely a good market for us.”

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ASA also makes presentations at expositions. The LPS (Luxury Property Showcase) in Beijing is just one of them. “Unlike events that we organize ourselves, at trade shows a great many competitors are equally vying for attention. But that makes the effort all the more exciting. We can emphasize our strengths and our USPs much more.” Marco Wey, Senior Sales Executive at ASA, was at the Andermatt Swiss Alps booth in Beijing. “The big challenge of course was the language. But I can say that in addition to our broad real estate portfolio in Andermatt, the clear mountain air and the pure water of the forty lakes are certainly attributes that interest Chinese investors.”

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