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Andermatt Swiss Alps

Bossy’s tips for a successful golf season

Guestblog by André Bossert


There are places in this world that are simply magical – and when a golf course is at such a place it’s all the more special.

For me, Andermatt belongs in the category of unique, almost mystical golf destinations. And I’ve been all around the world and have been able to play in many unusual and wonderful places. But Andermatt always draws me back again.

André Bossert, Schweizer Golfprofi, 2014

The course will open soon, and there’s nothing like good preparation for the new season – even for mystical golf courses. To help make your golfing at Andermatt a success, I’m giving you here my top three tips.

Because it can be a bit chilly in the mountains every now and then, and especially in the morning: Besides your sun cream with a higher protection factor, bring along a wool cap to keep your ears and head warm.

A frequent guest on the golf course is the wind, which brings pleasant cooling in the summer. As always, I recommend seeing the wind as a friend and integrating it into your game: I swing “gentler” into headwind, so that the ball gets less spin and flies lower (“under the wind”); and when there’s a tailwind I tee the ball higher and drive full throttle so the ball flies high with the wind. Another tip, one that applies specifically to hole 3 – the short par 4 with a blind drive over a somewhat steeper slope: At the tee I recommend using a wood with more angle (a hybrid or a 5 wood) so that the ball will fly well over the slope. After that it’s just a short iron shot to the green.


I’ve always thought that Switzerland should stand out with great “mountain courses”. And this is exactly what Andermatt provides: a true championship course, symbiotically integrated into the landscape, one that’s a delight for players of any level – regardless of wind, mountain sun, dawn or dusk in this mountain setting. The lapping of mountain streams and the view of the Andermatt village centre from certain tees can be so absorbing that you almost forget to hit the ball. But when you do, the ball flies further, thanks to the altitude, and you might even almost hope that it comes to rest far from the fairway, next to a blooming edelweiss.

Andermatt,Swiss Alps,Golf

I have to admit it: I’ve given in to the alpine golf-jewel Andermatt. And I want to share this passion: Gather your golf equipment, come to Andermatt, and experience it for yourself! The golf course will reopen again on 4 June 2015.

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