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Andermatt Swiss Alps

Bunker’s Up! – The somewhat “different” golfers

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“My dream is that everybody should have the chance to play golf. It’s a wonderful sport – for the body, mind and soul”, says Moritz “Mo” Frey, passionate golfer, organizer of the Bunker’s Up! golf tour and publisher of the golf magazine of the same name. And to realize his dream, he likes to go unconventional ways. “On our Bunker’s Up! golf tour, we have, for example, extra prizes for the most creative outfit. We want to get away from tarnished tradition and show that golf is about more than wearing the right polo shirt. But – and I emphasize this – although we might be more colourful than the others, we still respect established golf etiquette.”

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When the Bunker’s Up! tour comes to a golf course, you immediately notice the creative dress of many players, but you especially sense the enthusiasm with which the young and young-at-heart golfers practice their sport. “In our tournaments, of course the golfers compete ambitiously, but still, I do think the atmosphere is fairly relaxed.” Mo Frey emphasizes furthermore: “And of course we play according to standard golf rules”. But it can’t be avoided that one or the other more conservative representative of the sport is somewhat taken aback by the form of the tournament. “Many non-golfers see golf as rather elitist. We want to show that this is not necessarily the case. We want a modern game of golf with good company and lots of hearty laughter.”

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This year, the golf course at Andermatt was one of the stops on the Bunker’s Up! tour. “For me, the Andermatt golf course was a highlight of the tour. It is challenging, but wonderful to play – especially hole 4, which offers a panoramic view of the whole valley.” The tour is almost over. It is visiting a total of eight Swiss golf courses. “We have conducted the Bunker’s Up! tour five times now, and we are doing everything we can to see that it takes place again next year. We are continuing to make sure that golf remains a sport for everyone who enjoys exercise in a natural setting, combined with lots of fun!”

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