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Andermatt Swiss Alps

Risk of distraction at hole 13

Tee off with golf proette Fabienne In-Albon


Proette Fabienne In-Albon from Central Switzerland has risen to the challenge of Andermatt golf course. “The beautiful setting of the golf course can still put a smile on your face even when the pitfalls of the challenging championship golf course get the best of you.” The sympathetic golfer from Lucerne has been a proette since 2012, and she has had considerable success. “When I was 10 I held my first golf club in my hands, and when I was 15 I knew I wanted to play golf professionally,” tells Fabienne In-Albon.

Andermatt Swiss Alps

During her round of golf at Andermatt three holes particularly impressed her: “I think hole 9 is one of the most challenging of the course. The long par 3, which often must be played against the wind, is surrounded by a large water hazard and two bunkers. It’s a difficult hole, but a fair one. In other words, a good tee shot is justly rewarded, but a poor one is penalized. Just as it should be, in my opinion, so it’s a very successful layout.”

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“You can easily be taken in by the panorama you see from the tee box at hole 13, it’s simply breath-taking and unique. But such a distraction at a hole like 13 can be your undoing, because this short par 3 demands utmost precision. With a drop of about 20 metres and the cliff on the right side, these 120 metres are a real challenge.”

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“I think hole 18 is a great ‘finishing hole’. You can risk it and play to the left to shorten the distance and try to reach the green in two strokes. But if you cut it too close, your ball can easily end up in one of the bunkers. That makes your shot to the green – which is surrounded by a water hazard and a bunker – a challenge. So for me it’s a hole that can make the difference between victory and defeat … especially if you’ve still got the nerve.”

Intrigued? Andermatt golf course is still receiving Andermatt guests during these golden days of autumn. The official opening will be early next summer, after which the course will be open to all golfers who want to get their own impression of ​​Fabienne’s favourite holes.


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