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Andermatt Swiss Alps

Building automation and facility management: Where 40,000 information points come together


“The concepts for building automation of The Chedi Andermatt hotel and The Chedi Residences were essentially designed by me”, explains Gerhard Neuberger, founder and manager of Neuberger Gebäudeautomation AG. The technology used in The Chedi Residences is indeed impressive. As in the hotel, each residence can be controlled via iPad. “Every window blind, every light or any temperature setting can be adjusted as desired with a swipe of the iPad.” Of course all functions can also be controlled by switch – in case you prefer “manual labour” to the iPad function.


But behind this playfully simple technology for the residence owners is much more than the electronic control of various functions. 40,000 information points are monitored and “tell” everything that happens in the building. Is it too cold or warm? Do the lights and air conditioning work, as well as the media systems? Any potential defects or errors are also detected. All this information is fed to the hotel, where it comes together at the technical director’s office and at the front desk, and to the Residences, where it is received by the concierge service. The system messages are constantly displayed on a PC monitor. What’s more, an automated integrated data archive continuously records everything so that the whole story of actions can be traced at any time. Complete energy data is also monitored and recorded, so that the billing of gas, electricity, water and so forth can be made for the hotel and each residence.


In addition to this complex state-of-the-art technology operating in the background, each iPad can also be programmed and personalised as each owner chooses. “For example, we have eight different lighting scenarios. One that’s ideal for watching TV, or another for optimal lighting for reading.” Gerhard Neuberger is clearly proud of the achievement of this overall project. “The conception of a system for The Chedi Andermatt, including the associated Residences, was indeed a special challenge.”

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