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Andermatt Swiss Alps

Nature spectacle on the golf course

Andermatt Swiss Alps

The playing season on the golf course at Andermatt is gradually drawing to an end. Since we’ve already seen winter make a brief guest appearance, the days of swinging the golf clubs are now numbered. Nevertheless, in case this golden autumn should indeed allow a few last rounds of golf, the course will remain open until winter definitely sets in. “We’re keeping the flags up as long as possible; we’ve simply removed the infrastructure already”, explains Greenkeeper Daniel Speer. “That means we no longer offer rental equipment, the toilets are gone and there is no longer the cosy golf chalet with refreshments. Just the flags will remain on the greens as long as possible.” At the moment, the fairways and greens are still in good condition, so it would be a shame not to use the remaining beautiful autumn days in Andermatt for a few rounds of golf. “But because the nights are very cold now, there is some frost on the ground most mornings. To be gentler on the grass, we’re having the first rounds start no earlier than 10:30”, tells Speer. And although the greens are no longer being mowed, the greenkeeper is to be seen on the course practically every day. He’s keeping a keen eye on the 18 holes and monitoring the condition of the soil and plants. The ultimate goal is to “decommission” the course in the best possible condition for its winter rest. But until that time there’s plenty to keep the greenkeeper busy. “Sand has to be spread over all the fairways. We had it blended at the Zumdorf gravel works. We need about 400 tonnes in all.”

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Patrick Widmer, Golf Director at the Andermatt golf course, can look back on a successful season: “This year we entertained over 4,000 golfers, even though we’re still in the pre-opening phase. I think we can proudly state that most were enthusiastic about the course.” Next year the golf course at Andermatt will officially open with the new golf clubhouse.

Andermatt Swiss Alps

For green fees and to reserve tee times during the remainder of this year, please contact Golf Point in the Info Centre vis-à-vis Andermatt train station during office hours – via phone 041 888 78 00 or email

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