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Andermatt Swiss Alps

Swift construction on the Gemsstock

Neue 6-er Sesselbahn Gurschenalp_ASS Raju Boog (9)_titel

The new chairlift on the Gurschengrat is in the final phase before completion. “Right now, engineers of the Garaventa company are conducting their internal inspections and approvals. Then, trial operation will be carried out for 50 hours. During the trial, every foreseeable manoeuvre will be performed, such as parking the chairs in the depot and taking them out again, operating at various speeds, carrying loads – and even operating under emergency power. Should the power grid ever fail, we have an emergency generator that runs on diesel fuel,” explains Tobias Gisler, Head of Technical Services at Andermatt Sedrun Sport AG.

Neue 6-er Sesselbahn Gurschenalp_ASS Raju Boog (3)_blog

The brief construction season has been used very efficiently. “The contractor Loretz and the cableway builder Garaventa along with the other involved companies did a really great job, and the cooperation was always very good”, says Gisler. “At times there were up to 15 construction workers and 15 cable-way fitters on the site, which compensated for the slightly delayed construction start.” Even the weather cooperated. The ground was dry most of the time we were working. This was an advantage for the environment, since virtually no mud patches were caused.

Neue 6-er Sesselbahn Gurschenalp_ASS Raju Boog (12)_blog

Although the construction works have been smoothly executed, an important milestone remains. “Following the internal inspections and approvals and the trial phase, the cableway must be approved by the Federal Office of Transport (FOT). Over a period of three days, three engineers will thoroughly examine the system mechanically, structurally and electronically, and only then will it be decided whether the operating license will be issued”, continues Gisler. When this is in hand, as expected, the ski slopes on the Gemsstock will open on Saturday, November 14 with the new cableway.

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