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Andermatt Swiss Alps

Living as in a glossy magazine

Better living – as in the glossy magazines. This is the dream of many homebuyers, and their inspiration sources in magazines and in the internet are virtually unlimited. For many it’s clear: The kitchen should make an impressive statement, and the bathroom should be a wellness oasis. Turning ideas such as these into reality is the job of Sophie Aregger (sales) and Bernhard Pechmann (client services) at the Ebikon office of the Schmid Group. They are jointly handling the houses Edelweiss and Wolf.

The goal in the sales process is to define the right apartment for the buyer. Client services then steps in and works together with the buyer to individually design and plan the interior. Bernhard Pechmann is a proven expert for this. The trained architect has been working for seven years in client consulting at Schmid Generalunternehmung AG. His many years of experience help him precisely adapt the apartments to the needs of each individual client by making just a few strategic changes or hitting on just the right unconventional idea. Nevertheless, there are certain limits here: For example, Pechmann rejected the suggestion of a buyer of a luxury apartment to rebuild a windowless 5m2 utility room into a living space for his private chef.


Fitting out the apartments in the houses Edelweiss and Wolf in Andermatt is a challenge because the footprints of the buildings are unusual. “The floorplans, with their turns and angles, offer some surprises. But I think it’s exciting that you can combine modern lifestyle with a unique holiday feeling”, smiles Pechmann.

The apartment buyers have the opportunity to make many different choices. Options for kitchens, bathrooms and floor coverings can be chosen as one wishes. Generous budgets are available for this. The client consultant assists buyers in making their choices, and he makes sure that all the choices are implemented correctly. Bernhard Pechmann sees another part of his job as further-going client consultation. For example, the lighting concept is very important to him. He says: “I’m a light person. I try to assist the buyers in getting their apartment optimally illuminated, so that the spaces and materials will be shown at their best. Many of us are usually in our apartments only in the evenings – and then it’s especially important that you don’t sit in the dark, but can enjoy a cheerful and warm holiday atmosphere.”

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