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Andermatt Swiss Alps

“I’m definitely a family man”


“I am often on business trips in different countries; that’s why a picture of me with a telephone in my hand would be very typical”. Lucas Conings is on one hand international Deputy General Manager with the Belgian building contractor Besix SA and on the other hand he is happily married to his wife Pascale and is father of three children: Paulien (19), Benedict (17) and Vincent (16). “Today I am within reach for my family at least by phone wherever I am. But I remember a project in Qatar a few years ago where I had no good phone service or possibility for video calls. That really felt far away”. Lucas Conings is definitely a family man and likes to be in close touch with his family and friends.


“When I’m at home in Belgium, then I am really there for my family, and I enjoy the quality time with my wife and children. We eat together at our big dining table, or I might mess around on a motor with my sons, and sometimes I enjoy just sitting in front of the open fireplace reading a newspaper”. Lucas Conings is also at home in the kitchen. Together with five friends he cooks elaborate meals, which the crew then serves to their families. “Maintaining friendships and social life is very important to me – probably just because I am away on trips so often”.

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Lucas Conings is responsible for projects for which Besix SA has no regular local representative. “This means when we build in a country for the first time – as here with the Hotel 4B and the Gotthard Residences – I oversee everything that the building contractor has to do. This is quite a challenge because things are done differently in each country”. When he talks about his work, his eyes sparkle and one can see his enthusiasm. “Working in other countries is always a learning experience. I enjoy getting to know new people, and I always try to learn the local language. In Egypt I took Arabic lessons, and I can also speak a bit of Polish”. Then he adds with a smile: “But my Swiss German is still a bit weak”.


Besix SA is collaborating with Andermatt Swiss Alps AG to build the Hotel 4B and the Gotthard Residences. The cornerstone ceremony was held last October, marking the start of erection. On that day, along with Samih Sawiris, Chairman of Andermatt Swiss Alps AG, and Johan Beerlandt, CEO of the Besix Group, Lucas Conings placed mementos and the latest newspapers in a metal box that was concreted into the base of the structure. Click here for information on the Hotel 4B and the Gotthard Residences.

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