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Andermatt Swiss Alps

The sunniest side of skiing

The slopes are dazzling white and the sun is blazing in a steel blue sky. In the valley, the first bikes are being checked and prepped, while on the Gemsstock the most wonderful time for skiing has begun. Christian from Sursee would like to have winter the whole year round. “Skiing conditions are better now than they have been the whole winter. The snow is perfect, the sun is strong enough again to give my face a healthy tan and the slopes are no longer as full as they were during the peak season. This is the time when skiing is pure pleasure! For me, winter is still far from being over – thanks to the Gemsstock!”

Not only is skiing on the slopes the best in spring; the season is also perfect for a ski tour on the mountain tops, still covered deep in snow, and with virgin slopes still to be found. Peter from Altdorf enjoys the hike up as well as the descent. “In the spring I can hardly hold back. The weather in the mountains is usually brilliant. And from Andermatt the choice of ski tours is virtually unlimited. After the sudatory ascent, cutting tracks in the virgin snow is for me one of the best feelings there is.”

For snow fans who don’t fancy an arduous uphill ski trek, the Gemsstock offers everything the heart desires. Brigitte from Zurich likes things easy going. “I usually ski in the morning on the “Sonnenpiste” or by the new chairlift. For lunch I head to the Gadäbar at the Luterensee lift. There I find a seat in the sun and I like to watch the day go by.” She’s not the only one who knows the goodness of snow combined with the warm spring sunshine. Maggie Gnos at the Gadäbar confirms it: “Especially in the spring, when the snow gets a little heavier in the afternoon, skiers come to us to enjoy a drink or a delicious lunch on our sunny terrace.”

The Gemsstock, with perfect snow conditions, is open through 24 April 2016.

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