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Andermatt Swiss Alps

The bridge to your holidays

Die Brücke in die Ferien wird erstellt

For a year now, a team of engineers has been engaged in the construction of a ramped connector bridge leading from the north roundabout at the entrance to Andermatt to the resort. Urs Herger, Project Manager at Andermatt Swiss Alps AG, has been looking after the project himself for almost three years now. “A lot of preparatory work had to be completed before the construction of the bridge could begin. For example, we built a new, nearly 400-metre-long trench for the utility lines for the military and rerouted the Abwasser Uri sewer line. These are now located in a new corridor directly under the future bridge. These works, conducted in 2014 and 2015, are now finished, so we were able to start setting piles for the bridge last week.”

About 50 piles are being driven into the ground to carry the bridge. This piling foundation will prevent the entire structure from settling over time. “We are building 2.5 m high at the abutments and 6.5 m high at the connection to the existing bridge section at the roundabout. The total area of the 100-metre-long bridge is about 1,300 m2.” The bridge will cost around CHF 3 million. Including the cost of the preparatory work already done, the total comes to CHF 6 million.

Once the new bridge has connected the roundabout to the resort, the car park at the field kitchen for the skiers and the future train station area including the military site to the north of the tracks will also receive a new direct connection. “In the future, whoever wants to go to the new Hotel H4B or to the underground car park for the apartment houses will drive over this bridge on the way to their holidays. Because there are many interfaces between the construction of the bridge and that of the new hotel, these two job sites have to be coordinated.” For instance, the outer wall of the hotel garage is directly connected to the bridge.

“You could rightly say that this is a very complex structure. One challenge for sure is that several construction sites come together precisely at this point. Nevertheless, we are confident that we will have the bridge finished in five months.” Andermatt Swiss Alps AG has contracted the Belgian construction company Besix SA and Schmid AG to build the bridge – the same team that’s building the new hotel. This eases not only the planning but also the coordination on site.

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